Letter from our Presidents

27 September 2020

We are both looking forward to welcoming all our members back to curling and wish you a safe and enjoyable season.

A lot has happened behind the scenes in lockdown and we now have a beautifully refurbished Ice Rink and lounge area. Our grateful thanks go to the many volunteers and donors who have made all the changes possible.

The Board, Committee and all the staff have made arrangements for keeping us safe on our return to curling. Things will be different to allow for social distancing but we are guided by the Scottish Government, Scottish Curling and Sport Scotland. We have done all that is possible to keep you safe. Please help us by abiding by the rules and we will all enjoy our sport.

Welcome back to Sinitta in the bar and our new enthusiastic caterer, Lorrie Headley whose menus are exciting. We invite you to join us for a drink and a bite to eat after your game.

Thank you to our sponsors who despite lockdown have agreed to continue their sponsorship of our competitions. We encourage you all to join as many as you can and look forward to seeing all your happy smiles behind those quirky masks.

Yours in Curling

Robert and Aileen

Your Presidents

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