Letter to Clubs and Members

15 June 2021

As you are no doubt aware the AGM of the RCCC will be held online on Saturday 26th June. 

This year there are several changes to the RCCC Articles and By-Laws proposed.

Andrew Kerr, current RCCC President (and well known to all of us in Ayrshire) has endorsed a letter which has been sent to the Chairman, CEO and Board for discussion.

Andrew's comments and the text of the letter are shown below.  It's important the we look at the proposals, and make our views known on 26th June.

Letter to ASC (Area Standing Committee) Members

Dear all,

Your letter to the Chairman, CEO and Board was forwarded this morning along with my comments. I have received no meaningful response as yet but a Board meeting is being discussed for tomorrow evening.

I thank you for your support and the diligence you have shown all during this difficult year but, in particular, in relation to the upcoming AGM and I am more than happy to endorse the enclosed letter which I would be grateful if you could now circulate as widely as possible through your Provinces and clubs. It may be worthwhile pointing out to the members that, if they have already voted and wish to change their vote in the light of the information now available, they can do so by going back into the Membership Database and following the instructions.





Ladies and Gentlemen of Provinces and Clubs,

At the 2020 AGM the Chairman of the Board made a commitment to communicate better and be more transparent with decisions that affect the RCCC Members. With this in mind a group of Area representatives met recently to discuss the proposed changes in the RCCC Articles and Byelaws as set out in the 2021 AGM papers, released on Friday 4th June 2021. (These AGM papers can be seen by using the following link https://scottishcurling.org/about-us/agm ). This group of members has a great wealth of knowledge and experience as curlers, administrators at local and national level, volunteering as coaches/umpires/time clock operators to name but a few of their skills.

They think that this year’s AGM is going to be really important and they would like to encourage you to play your part by ensuring that your votes are counted. The group has already raised their concerns about the proposed changes with the Chairman of the Board, CEO and Board Directors.

There has also been a number of proposals from Clubs and the Board regarding changes to the current Memorandum and Articles of Association. Gail Munro, via Facebook (Scottish Curling Banter), and others have done a splendid job in highlighting some very important, not to say controversial changes and again we would urge you to have a look at these, think about them and consider how you cast your vote.

There will be voting on financial matters with approval of the accounts and the annual subscription for 2022-23; your vote will count.

There is voting for a Vice President from two excellent candidates and two Directors from four splendid candidates; make sure your vote counts.

You, as curlers, are important to the sport because without you there is no sport.


List of the Area Standing Committee members who support this letter:-

Norman Ainslie, Harry Brodie, Mike Caffyn, Bob Carruthers, Alan Chalmers, Robin Copland, Jean Cousar, Trevor Dodds, John Ferguson, Nigel Forrest, David Haggart, Jim Inglis, Tom Kirk, Brian McArtney, John McDermott, John McGowan, David McIntyre, Ian McKay, Rod Mickel, Philip Ross.





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