Maxwell Trophy 2023

07 January 2023

Yesterday, Friday 6th January, three teams from Ayr travelled to Stranraer for their first match in the 2023 Maxwell Trophy. Ayr teams were led by skip Neil Kennedy with M. Stevenson, B. Ireland and W. McHarg. The other two teams were skip B. Morton with M.Pieroni, B. Howat and K. Ireland, third team skip S. Rennie with A. Middleton, J. Dykes and M. McHarg.
Competition was strong with Stranraer winning two of three matches. N. Kennedy 9 to J. Gilmore 3 : B. Morton 3 to F. Hare 5 and S. Rennie 5 to I. Kirkpatrick 11.
An enjoyable days curling complemented by a lovely meal and drinks in the bar. Our thanks to Stranraer for being great hosts and North West Castle staff for a great meal and service.


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