President's Day Bonspiel

11 February 2023

President's Day Bonspiel

photo:  President Ken Ireland, Ronnie Peat, Ed Baines, Peter Reynolds and skip Mark Meehan

President Ken Ireland held an excellent bonspiel yesterday. 

Clyde Steamers were the perfect aperitif to set us up for the challenging rules of the game.  In the first end, no stones could be taken out and all stones in the house, for both teams, were added to the score card. Some teams adapted better than others and there were scores of 1 and 0.  There were also a 5 and a 6, but the eventual winners had their weight just right and scored 7 shots at end 1.

Life was a bit simpler after that with the only rule amendment being that everyone took a turn at skipping and the other positions.

The winners are shown above and they beat Billy Howat by 12 shots to 9.

A fine meal followed the game and the usual suspects were keen to regale us with some funny stories.


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