USA Tour to Scotland

11 January 2023

USA Tour to Scotland

The United States Team arrived in Scotland last Friday and they started their series of games with a win against Greenacres by 29 shots to 25.

You can keep up with the games, for the three weeks of their tour, by following this link to their Tour Blog.

There are three games at Ayr against the USA. 

Sunday 22nd January at 1.30 pm.

Sunday 22nd January at 5.30 pm.

Monday 23rd January at 10.00 am.


The Ayr teams are as follows:

Sunday at 1.30 

1) Billy Howat, Charlie Steele, Euan Lawrence and Andrew Kerr

2) Bobby Ireland, Allan Sloan, Tom Andrews and Ernest Mutter

3) Murray Stevenson, John Craig, Ewan Marr and Bill Alexander

4) Scott Andrews, Jim Boswell, Bob Cherry and Rob White

Sunday at 5.30 -

1) Jay McWilliam, Tom Neil, Ken Ireland and Dave McIntyre

2) Billy Morton, Davie Kerr, John Davers and Logie Collins

3) Neil Sands, Bert Andrew, Alex Connell and Mark Higgins

4) Craig Reid, Ally Henry, Iain Dunlop and Ian Hamilton

Monday at 10am -

1) Dave Reid, Billy Jackson, Robert Whiteford and Frank McDonald

2) Neil Kennedy, Ronnie Peat, Jack McCorkell and Johnny Johnston

3) James Dykes, Colin Murdoch, Alan Mitchell and Charles Sutherland

4) Alan Smith, Robert Wilson, Jamie Mason and Tommy Wilson.

Thereafter the tourists will be joining us for our annual Burns Supper, at 6.30 pm. 

Come along to watch the games.

There are still a few tickets available for the Burns Supper.  They can be bought at the Office or the Bar, or contact any committee members.


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