USA Tourists in Ayr

24 January 2023

Day 17 of the USA Tour for the Herries Maxwell Trophy saw the tourists win 3 of the 4 games in the afternoon but only 1 of the 4 evening games.

Day 18 was time for their third set of games in Ayr and a win by 3 shots meant a total victory over the tourists by 78 to 74

Draw 1  USA  29    Ayr   24

Draw 2  USA  21    Ayr   27

Draw 3  USA  24    Ayr   27

Totals    USA  74    Ayr   78

Our Annual Burns Supper was held on Monday Evening and we were delighted to welcome our American visitors, after their tour of Kays at Mauchline in the afternoon.

It was a very successful night. There were some excellent and very entertaining speeches, with music from the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra and a superb recitation of Tam O' Shanter by Simon Lamb.

The evening was ably chaired by Bobby Ireland and we were also treated to songs and poetry from America to end the night.

Photos, and the American perspective on both days can be found by clicking on these links from the tourists blog.

Sunday 22nd January

Monday 23rd January



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