Doubles Fun Day - Sunday 16th October

03 October 2016

If you haven't played Doubles Curling before, there is a great chance to do so on Sunday 16th October. Doubles is an exciting variation of the curling game and is really good fun to play.

Following on from the success of the Seminar last month Andrew Kerr has advised us of the details:

"You may not be aware but at the next Olympics there will be a third curling gold medal to be won and this new discipline of Mixed Doubles is proving a real growth area for our sport amongst countries not generally associated as being amongst the leading curling nations.

In Scotland too, it is growing in popularity and we were privileged to have one half of the current Scottish champions, Bruce Mouat, and a former Scottish champion, Judith McCleary, down at Ayr last week leading a workshop on it. Please see the news article on the Ayr CC website.

Following on from this presentation, the Province is holding a Doubles Fun Day on     SUNDAY 16th OCTOBER from 1.30pm.      EVERYONE IS WELCOME.

Doubles is quite different from Pairs with 2 stones placed at the start of each end - one in the house and one as a guard and NO take outs until the fourth played stone. As a result, each end tends to be a "guddle" with lots of stones in play.

Don't worry if you have never tried it before. The whole idea is to have a fun day. We don't intend to insist on each pair being mixed so, our day is for Doubles, not Mixed Doubles and we will team up randomly unless you want to specifically play with someone.

There will be people on hand to advise although that does smack of the one eyed man being king in the land of the blind ! However, we will muddle through and hopefully, enjoy a laugh or two along the way !

We will play 2 ends with the winner moving on and just take it from there. We have ice all afternoon and the Board have offered this at a very nominal £5 per head. The Board also wish to recognise the significant contribution made by the Ayr CC coaches and there will be no charge for any coach who wishes to take part in the day.

Put the date in your diary - 1.30pm on SUNDAY 16th OCTOBER

Look forward to seeing you.

Andrew Kerr" 

Copies of the rules and tactics can be found by clicking.

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