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14 September 2017

A Message from Hazel and Stephen about a few changes to the catering for next season.

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Hello all!

Firstly, a change of name as Passion Caterers is diversifying however you will still recognise some of the staff and the menu will be familiar to you!  Talking of menus, you will find attached this season’s new menus plus the pre-order form for this side of the year from Limekilns Caterers, Ayrshire Curlers exclusive caterers!

Many of you have been asking about how the increase  of 1800hrs ice will affect your clubs so I thought I would email all secretaries directly so you can pass the information on to your members.  Although there is a lot more of 1800hrs ice time this year it has been building up for the last couple of years and has given us the opportunity to 'test the water'.  We have found that numbers choosing to eat off this ice is generally very low - in fact we have consistently made a loss on these nights - and as there are so many more sheets on at this ice time it is not viable to continue this practice.  However do not be disheartened!  If your club can get together a group that will spend our breakeven minimum of £80.00 we will happily come back in, put sheets on the ice for you and serve your meal at 2000hrs (but please be aware this is a breakeven so however many come in to dinner - you will still be charged at least £80)!  To arrange simply call us, giving us a minimum of 48 hours notice and we will gladly book you in! This minimum charge also applies to returning to the rink to service evening buffets/weekend events however for the small number of groups who cannot achieve this minimum spend we do have an alternative (again which we tried out last year).  We are offering to leave readymade sandwiches and traybake in the fridge for you  along with paper plates and you can buy coffees or drinks at the bar.  All we ask is that you dispose of the waste sandwiches and plates in the bin, leave the trays where you found them and pay the bill at the bar!  Hopefully these two options will assist with the small numbers affected by these changes.

In addition we have made one other small change.  We have noticed an increase in the number of group bookings who do not include tea or coffee in their meal service.  As the majority of diners do take tea or coffee this can result in a rush at the servery for coffee and cakes, and this is compounded by individuals trying to settle their part of the group bill during this time resulting in queues, delays,  bill errors, unhappy diners and pressure on the staff - especially if we have other diners!  In order to improve service (and help our staff) we have made the decision to automatically add £1.00 to each group booking of 12 people and over as, nine times out of ten, the majority wish a cup of tea or coffee.  As always,  bills will be issued either per table or per group.  Tea/coffee and mini-traybake is still only £2.50 to add to your meal - a bargain!

As usual, if we have no ice or two sheets or less on the ice during the day then we may close unless the organisers have made a special request for us to open.  We are also closed as usual from Friday after last ice until Monday morning unless we are catering for your monthly Sunday Bonspiels or you have arranged a special event (remember minimum spend criteria if we have to open specially for you)!  As always, should you wish to book to eat outside ice times please call or text  to check we are open to avoid  disappointment.

As mentioned, these changes should only affect a small number of individuals and we do hope that our suggestions on finding a way to service them will offer a suitable solution.

We look forward to seeing you and serving you again over the 2017/2018 season.


Limekilns Caterers

* Limekilns Caterers have their own page on the website under the Ayr Curling Club Tab, where you will find full details of all the menus available.  You can also go to it by clicking here.



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