Eglinton Jug Rules and Bye Laws

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  1. The Competition shall be know as “The Eglinton County Curling Game” and shall take place annually.

  2. All bona-fide Curling Clubs in Ayrshire ( those Clubs that have a minimum of 8 members, a president, a secretary and issue an annual statement of accounts) shall be entitled to nominate two of their members to attend the Annual Meeting of representatives, 

  3. The Annual Meeting of representatives so nominated shall be held on a suitable day in March except where the President and Secretary consider that there are circumstances which justify its postponement, and at this meeting arrangements for the ensuing season’s Game shall be made, office-bearers for the ensuing season appointed, and the last day for receiving entries shall be decided.  A report of the previous season’s Game shall be submitted by the Secretary together with the Audited Accounts for the year and the Meeting shall fix the levy for the ensuing season.                

  4. Each Club shall be entitled to compete in the Annual Game and may, in such manner as the members belong to it deem satisfactory, select a maximum of four rinks, each comprising four of their members habitually resident in Ayrshire or having been born in Ayrshire, to represent the Club in the Season’s Game.  Habitual residence is to be evidenced by the inclusion of the name in the current electoral register.  The names of the skips so selected shall be furnished to the Secretary along with the entry, and no nomination of any rink shall be accepted by the Secretary for entry to the Annual Game unless it be accompanied by the appropriate levy for the year.

  5. The game shall be played on such ice as is selected at the Annual General Meeting and the whole general arrangements for the Game shall be in the control of the President and the Committee of Management appointed for the season.  Their decision on any matter, including the settlement of protests, shall be final (other than those disposed of by an umpire under bye-law 4).

  6. Where the ice selected under the preceding rule is artificial ice in an ice rink the following regulation shall apply.

    1. A copy of the draw, showing the dates, times and rinks allocated both for the first and all succeeding rounds in the game shall be posted to the skips whose names have been furnished to the Secretary along with the entry and receipt of the draw shall be acknowledged to the Secretary.  A rink successful in one round must appear without further notice at the time set for the next round as shown on the draw.  A rink failing to appear in any round will be held to have withdrawn and the skip shall be held liable for the ice money of his own and his opposing rink.
    2. Ice for competition shall be booked by the Secretary of the Game as agent for the individual entrants shall become directly liable to the Ice Rink for payment of the Ice Money at the time of play.
    3. Entrants wishing to withdraw from the Competition must give to the Secretary of the Game 7 days clear notice in writing of such intention.  Failing such written notice being given the defaulting skip shall be considered to have failed to appear and Section (a) of this rule shall be held to apply.
  7. Where the ice scheduled is not an artificial ice rink the detailed arrangements for the Game shall be in the hands of the President and Committee of management and the Game shall be organised in such fashion and at such times and places as the Committee may decide.  The Secretary shall notify competitors of the arrangements made.

  8. The Winning Rink for the season shall have the custody of the Eglinton Trophy from the date of the final tie until the commencement of the next year’s competition when it shall be duly returned by them to the Secretary.


  1. The competition will be conducted under the rules of the RCCC except where modified or amended by the following bye laws.
  2. It shall be the duty of each skip to return to the office of the secretary of the ice rink for transmission to the secretary of the game, a duly certified score card showing the results of each tie played. Skips must see that the names of all players appear on both score cards, that they are correctly completed and signed, and that when a substitute is played, the name and position of the player for whom substitution is made must be clearly stated on the scorecard.  Failure to comply with this Bye-Law may involve disqualification.
  3. All disputes relating to the play shall be settled by an umpire who may be drawn from persons appointed to act in this capacity by the Annual Meeting or, whom failing, by any other person agreeable to both skips, and the decision of any umpire shall be final.
  4. Protests, if any, arising out of matters other than a point of play must be lodged in writing at the Office of the Secretary of the Ice Rink or with the Secretary of the Game within one hour of the termination of the game affected.  No protest shall be considered valid which relates to any point such as the measurement of a shot falling within the final decision of an umpire, whether or not the umpire’s services have been requisitioned.
  5. No person may play as a regular member of a rink in more than one rink in the Competition.
  6. A skip arriving short of a player may play a substitute agreeable to his opposing skip, but a person who has played, or intends to play in the Competition as a regular member of another rink shall not be eligible to play as a substitute.  If one substitute used, that substitute must lead.  If two substitutes used (a) if both commence in the same game one plays lead, the other second at Skip’s discretion (b) if one plays in an earlier game that substitute must move to second.
  7. The signal for the beginning and end of play shall be the ringing of a bell.
  8. In the event of a tie one extra head shall be played, the lead for this extra head to be decided by the toss of a coin.  If still level after one extra end, one player from each rink shall be nominated to draw the shot, the player winning the toss to be given the choice of playing first or second and that rotation shall continue until a decision is reached.