Disnae Gateway Club

Gateway Club is the new term used by Scottish Curling for what was previously known as a Virtual Club. The Ayr Disnae Club is the Gateway Club for new curlers in Ayr. It  has been set up for those curlers who have completed a series of Beginners lessons and gives them an introduction to club curling with a view to moving on to other clubs over the next four years.  Ayr Curling Club gives them the benefit of half price membership for two years.

As an affiliated Gateway Club with the Royal Caledonian Curling Club there are other benefits.  Half price Royal Club membership for two years, free coaching from qualified coaches and the opportunity to enter the National Gateway Club Bonspiel at the end of the season.  There is more information about Gateway Clubs nationally on the Royal Club web site.

In addition, we enter a team in Ayr Curling Club’s Day League and the Evening Combined League. There are also frequent invitations for friendly matches with other clubs at Ayr

If you have completed a Beginners Course or about to go to one and are interested in joining the Disnae Virtual Club in Ayr please contact Louise Macdonald on ayrdisnaecurling@yahoo.com

We have ice allocations on Sundays, weekday daytime and evening sessions to cater for everyone's needs. The full schedule is available on request

The majority of sessions are staffed by qualified coaches, who can give advice and help on any curling issues which Disnae Virtual Club members may require.

The annual joining fee includes Disnae membership fee, Ayr Curling Club annual subscription and Royal Caledonian Curing Club subscription. Although membership discounts are only available for two years of membership, members are able to enjoy a third or fourth year of membership if they wish.