21 Sep

Ready, Steady, Curl. – RCCC classroom based course for Coaching Assistants
All members

23 Sep

Coaches preparation session with Scott

24 Sep

Celebrate a return to Curling:
All members

24 Sep

Coffee, walk round etc. + practice ice available for members.


Our Coaches

Trainee Level 1 Coach  
  Charles Sutherland
  Beth Rowley
  Jamie Mason
  Isla Robison
  Murray Stevenson
  Nick Kilpatrick
Level 1 Coach Jim Boswell
  Bert Andrew 
  Billy Howat
  Bobby Ireland
  Euan Lawrence
  Jack McCorkell
  David McIntyre
  Liam Scott
  Aileen McCorkell
  Ian Mackin
  Rickie Goldie
  Billy Morton 
  Jacob Whittle 
  Mara Lindsay
  Rachel Ireland
  Margaret White 
  Sheila Kennedy
  Chris Rowley 
  Lynne Rowley
Level 2 Coach Kirsty Letton
  Alison Alexander 
  Alison Cunningham
  Robert Boyd
  Tom Andrews
  Bob Forrest
  Scott Andrews
  Barbara Morton