Day League Winners and Hugh Ferguson Plate

21 March 2014

Day League Winners and Hugh Ferguson Plate
Last night saw the Annual Cocktail Party and Presentation of Trophies for the season long Day Leagues.
The winners were.
Section  'A'   Sorn C.C.    John Johnston
Section  'B'   Fairywell C.C.   Keith Rennie
Section  'C'   Largs  C.C.   Charles Johnstone
Section  'D'   Kyle & Carrick  C.C.   John Wylie
Section  'E'   Mardi Ladies C.C.    Liz Goldie
The photo at the top of the page shows the winners  L/R  -  as above.
All the results are available on the competitions page.
Twelve rinks participated in the final curling competition of the
season at Ayr Curling Club.
Winners of the High Road were Skip Tom Andrews, Bill Alexander,
James Galloway and Anne Stenhouse.
Second was the rink Skip Jennifer Mutter, Andrew Kerr, Grant Donald and Liz Boswell.
Winners of the Low Road were Skip Keith Rennie, Ann Kerr,
Alison Alexander and Frances Marshall.
Second was the rink Skip John Davers, Colin Naismith, Bella Kennedy and Hubert Ireland.
Sponsorship was courtesy of John Davers Fencing and
Mrs Morag Evans (daughter of Hugh Ferguson).
Day League Winners 2014 005
Photo L/R :  Bill, Morag, Skip Tom, John, Anne and James.
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