Hugh Fergusson Plate
Hugh Fergusson Plate

Hugh Fergusson Plate

28 Mar 19

Hugh Ferg Juniors 2019Twelve rinks participated in the final competition of the season,
the Hugh Fergusson Plate played over a four day period, 25 to 28 March 2019, at Ayr Curling Club. Three juniors took part, and they all made it to the finals - well done boys!

High Road
Winners: Skip Bobby Ireland,  Jennifer Mutter,
Charles Sutherland and  Murray McHarg.
Runner up: Skip Euan Lawrence,  Pat Galloway, Dave McIntyre and
William McHarg.

Middle Road
Winners: Skip John  Davers,  Sheila Kennedy, Hubert Ireland
and  Alastair  Goldie.
Runner up: Skip Charlie Steele,  Colin Naismith, Lillian McIntyre and
Liz  Boswell.

Low Road
Winners: Skip Keith Rennie,  David Hope, Janice Sutherland
and Bob Edwards.
Runner up: Skip Bert Andrew, Moira Drummond, James Galloway and
Frances Marshall.

Sponsorship was courtesy of Morag Evan and John Davers Fencing.

Main Photo  L/R :  Skip Bobby, Sponsor Morag Evans, Jennifer, Murray and Charles.