Canadian Ladies Tour 2020 - Bridge Drive

16 September 2019

The RCCC has extended an invitation to Curling Canada to send 24 lady curlers to Scotland next year. 

The invitation has been accepted and the Tour will be in Scotland for 3 weeks from 6th -27th November, 2020.

Bridge Drive 19

As with all tours, we want these ladies to enjoy the best hospitality Scotland has to offer as they travel from ice rink to ice rink. 

They will undoubtedly visit Ayr and the fundraiser below is being organised to ensure we have the funds locally to welcome our guests in style. The LSC ladies are already hard at work to organise a great lunch. 

If you are a Bridge player, please bring your friends and make up a table. 

If you are a local business person, perhaps you can offer us a raffle prize. 

All donations will be gratefully received in the office or by Corrie. 

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