The Gairdner Trophy

27 January 2020

The Gairdner Trophy

Dundonald Curling Club's competition for the Gairdner Trophy took place last Monday night when four Dundonald rinks took on four from Troon Portland and a Kilmarnock "select" comprising two from Land o'Burns and one each from Darvel and Riccarton.

With one exception the games were all tight affairs. Davie Kerr (Troon) beat Gemmill Jack (Dundonald) by 2, Duncan McCallum (Land o'Burns) beat Jack McCorkell (Troon) by 1, Jim Miller (Dundonald) beat Martin Watson (Land o'Burns) by 3, Kirsty Letton (Troon) beat Morag Evans (Dundonald) by 4, Mark Meehan (Darvel) beat Bert McKay (Troon) by 2 and finally, Jim Wilson (Riccarton) beat John Davers (Dundonald) by one or two more !!

The games saw the Kilmarnock "select" coming out on top with Jim Wilson's rink taking the trophy as the highest up rink and afterwards the company enjoyed an excellent meal.

The winning rink from Riccarton Curling Club

L to R

Robbie Gray, Jim Wilson, Jimmy Smillie, Alastair Hunter

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