Mary Henry Basket

17 March 2022

Mary Henry Basket

Pictured is ACC team captain & ladies president Aileen being presented with the Mary Henry Basket by Stranraer team captain & ladies president Linda.

Four teams from both clubs competed for the Mary Henry Basket on 10 March. This was a closely fought match where each team finally had 4 points and +1 shots but team Ayr ladies had a total of 17 ends beating team Stranraer ladies total of 15 ends.
Congratulations & thanks to the 16 ACC ladies who played on the day and commiserations to those ladies who had to withdraw in the days immediately before the competition as a result of +ve Covid tests.

Thanks to the 16 ladies who traveled up from Stranraer to Ayr for the match. We look forward to our return trip to Stranraer next season.

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