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23 September 2021

Version 3

1 Introduction

This document is intended to provide further guidance on resumption of curling in Ayr Ice Rink. It takes account of current advice from the Scottish Government, SportScotland and the Royal Caledonian Curling Club (RCCC) and feedback received from Ayr Curling Club members. The document will be amended in the event of any such advice being updated.

We continue to work hard behind the scenes to create a safe environment for you . We want to ensure that you, our staff, contractors, visitors to the Ice Rink are as safe as possible.

This document has been prepared by the Board of Ayrshire Curlers Ltd and the Committee of Ayr Curling Club (ACC) as at 21 September 2021 and is intended to offer information and guidance to our curlers in relation to COVID-19. It has been prepared so that everyone within the Ice Rink knows what is expected of them.

Overall the most important consideration is the Health & Safety of all our users and staff. Everyone should refer to this document and all other suitable guidance to ensure that their curling, and that of their team mates & opposition, is managed in as safe a manner as is possible. We all have a part to play in keeping you safe and we'll be asking you to follow a few simple rules. Please apply common sense and respect each other's positions.

For reference, the most recent version of Scottish Curling Guidelines (with which all curlers should be familiar) Version 11.0 Published 12 August 2021 can be found here:

Please Click Here to access a Summary of Guidance for Curling Beyond Level Zero (Currently applicable to all areas of Scotland)

Please Click Here to access the Full 2021 Scottish Curling COVID Guidance

2 Opening Date & Session Times

We're delighted to confirm that we are able to start curling once again on Monday 27 September 2021.

Sessions have been extended and are now 2 hours (when the bell will ring); the time between sessions has also been extended to minimise overlap and allow time for enhanced cleaning & sanitation.

Session 1 – 9.30am Session 2 – 12.00pm Session 3 – 2.30pm
Session 4 – 5.15pm Session 5 – 8.00pm
Sunday times remain unchanged - 11.00am, 1.30pm, 4.15pm, 7.00pm.

3 Recently Posed Questions (in response to changes in guidelines and feedback from curlers).

  1. Should I car share to come to curling?
    At the present time there are no restrictions on car sharing.
  2. When can I arrive at the Ice Rink?
    Please try to arrive no earlier than 20 minutes before your appointed session time.
  3. Which doors should I use to enter and exit the building?
    As per last season we will be operating a one way system to enter & move around the building. Please enter by the main door and head directly upstairs to the lounge/bar area. The door adjacent to the car park is now designated as the exit only. This is to ensure the one-way system, for the protection of all Ice Rink users, is in operation within the building at all times. We will continue to keep this under review.
  4. When do I require to wear a mask/face covering?
    Current Scottish Government and RCCC Guidelines advise that individuals must wear a face covering when circulating in the building. This is a mandatory requirement, unless an individual is exempt from wearing a face covering. Players may remove their face covering when on the ice. Face coverings may also be removed when eating and drinking in bar/dining areas.
  5. Where can I locate hand sanitiser?
    Hand sanitiser dispensers are located in a wide variety of areas, e.g. at the top of the stairs into the lounge/dining area, at the bar, in the toilet areas and at the end of each sheet of ice. Please use hand sanitiser on entry and thereafter frequently during your time in the ice rink.
  6. Where can I change my shoes, etc?
    Changing rooms will be open and additional seating in and around the clubhouse can also be used for shoe changing. Curlers are encouraged to come changed and ready to curl as far as is reasonably practical. Please use the changing areas responsibly, and as already mentioned please apply common sense and respect each other's positions.
  7. Where can I leave my outdoor shoes; may I leave a small bag anywhere?
    These can be left in the changing rooms or taken down to the areas adjacent to the ice pad & left under the seating.
    It is essential that all bags, clothing footwear and equipment are removed from the Ice Rink by you at the end of your session and that no personal items remain in the changing room.
  8. How should I exit from the ice pad and ice rink after a game?
    For everyone's protection, the one-way system in place from last season must be used in and around the ice rink. On leaving the ice pad, all curlers should exit the ice hall via the door approximately located under the ladies changing room, adjacent to sheet 1. You should then follow the marked route, passing the skating and hockey changing rooms and passing the ice staffs' office.
    If you plan to leave immediately after your game use this route and then exit the building along the side of the ice pad in the direction of the car park.
    If you plan to stay on, follow this route and then proceed upstairs to the bar / lounge area. From there to exit the building use the stair between the bar and office to use the down stair and exit along the side of the ice pad in the direction of the carpark.
    Whenever you leave the ice rink please ensure you use the one-way system which has been devised for the protection of all Ice Rink users.
  9. How is Track & Trace managed in the ice rink?
    Ayr Curling Club membership cards should be produced to comply with Track & Trace. These should be placed in the designated areas at the end of each rink to enable scanning by the Ice Men. Temporary memberships and any ice monies will be collected after the game and they must also provide their contact details to the Ice Men.
    In the event of a forgotten card, the scanning process will generate an email to the appropriate club secretary, who will be responsible for providing the appropriate contact information to Ayr Curling Club.
    Skips are asked to assist with this process to ensure our Track & Trace procedures are as robust as is possible.
    For any non-curlers in the building signing in sheets must be completed or the available QR codes scanned.
  10. Can handshakes & coin tossing be used in the game?
    Currently, beyond Level 0, Scottish Government guidance permits the shaking of hands. Curlers are encouraged to continue acknowledging good sportsmanship verbally and should be careful to consider the wishes of their teammates and opposition on this matter.
    Coin tossing may be used to start each game.
  11. Are club brushes, cues etc available for use?
    As per Scottish Curling guidelines, these continue to be available for use and should be sanitised by the user before and after the game.
  12. How / when should stone handles be cleaned?
    Handles will be cleaned by the Ice Men at the start of each day. Thereafter it is the responsibility of individuals/teams to clean handles, e.g. perhaps the "third" in each team might clean all 8 stones prior to the start of a game.
  13. Can stones be cleaned prior to delivery?
    If necessary please use your brush to clean the running band of the stone; do not use your hands or a glove.
  14. What are the guidelines regarding sweeping?
    Scottish Curling Guidelines indicate that beyond level 0 there are no restrictions on the number of sweepers; no physical distancing is required and there are no maximum number of participants per sheet. Normal curling rules apply including skips sweeping their own and opposition stones.
    It is a personal decision of teams/individuals if they wish to confine themselves to one sweeper in a game.
  15. Can measures be used?
    Yes. Remove any gloves, sanitise your hands, conduct measure, return measure to its normal location, sanitise your hands.
  16. What social distancing is required "on the ice"?
    There are no restrictions but once again, please use common sense and respect others.
  17. When/how can I pay for ice which is not already pre-paid?
    Such ice money should be paid to the Ice Men at the end of the game. Where possible this should be done by a contactless method. While cash will be collected by the Ice Men this will be on a No Change basis.

5 Ice Monies / Temporary memberships

  • Prepayment by clubs and by bank transfer is much appreciated. We do recognise that this is not always feasible but we are keen to minimise cash handling as far as possible.
  • Temporary memberships and any ice monies will be collected after the game. With games finishing at different times the staggering will assist with maintaining physical distancing and also allow subsequent games to get underway more quickly.
  • Payment should be made by a contactless method if at all possible.
  • It is the skips' and the clubs' responsibility to ensure that no one exits the building directly without paying monies due and/or providing contact details.

6 Bar and Catering

We will still be offering a bar and catering service and are delighted to have Sinitta back in the bar and to welcome back our caterer, Lorrie and we hope that you may be able to support both facilities. All legal physical distancing requirements have been removed. However, to prevent viral spread, good practice for queuing at "pinch points" (e.g. at the bar where drinks are served, buffets, entrances & exits) is strongly encouraged. To avoid congestion, drinking or loitering in such areas should be avoided.

Kindly respect the bar and catering staff (and indeed the ice and office staff). The bar and catering staff will be adhering to an increased level of hygiene.

Please pay by card whenever possible.

7 Summary

Please help, encourage and support other curlers to "get it right". This is a new season for everyone and, once again can we ask that you please apply common sense and respect each other's positions.

We look forward to welcoming all curlers back to Ayr Ice Rink for season 2021/22 where a warm, friendly atmosphere awaits everyone. We are doing our utmost to provide you with a safe and clean environment to enjoy your curling. Please assist us and support one another to ensure a good start to the season.

If you haven't been into the ice rink recently please drop in to see all the improvements carried out over the summer and have a coffee whilst gaining confidence that we are making the return to curling as safe as we possibly can.

Liz Goldie (Chairman) and Rob White (Club President)

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